Bye Bra – Perfect Cleavage Tape

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NEW ByeBra Perfect Cleavage Tape & Free Silk Nipple Covers

How do you want to have the easiest cleavage in any clothing? NOW thanks to Byebra you’ll be able to! It’ll completely develop into your wardrobe as it makes such a lot of more clothes more attainable and wearable. Halterneck, Deep V neck, Cross strap clothing can all be worn with complete confidence and improve using Bye Bra Perfect Cleavage Tape

Byebra is Europe’s leader in adhesive breast lift tape. Only the best quality and most comfortable materials are used. Byebra passes all EU quality standards, Byebra is made from a dermatologically tested medical tape manufactured by 3M which is used in hospitals and is completely secure to use.

Perfect Cleavage Tape is a four tape bra solution, the use of 2 tapes per breast. Each Pack offers 6 sets for women with cup sizes from A – B, and 3 sets for women with cup sizes C and larger. Also comes with Silk Nipple Covers to prevent and conceal any nipple protrusion.


Please Read Instructions fully before application and ALWAYS do a Skin Test prior to full wear/application.


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