Sports bra – shock absorber run bra.

If you do not wear run bra, you can harm yourself.

Why is the sports bra so important?


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Sports bra – run bra

You just bought a gym pass or you decided to run. Before, you acquired comfortable, fitting leggings, a t-shirt made of fabric that wicks sweat away and, of course, into appropriate sports shoes. But is it all? Whether did you remember about the sports bra? This is undoubtedly the basic element of the wardrobe of any active woman who wants to look beautiful as long as possible. Why do you have to have it in your wardrobe?

Sports bra – why do you have to have it?

Breasts are a very sensitive part of the female body. They do not contain muscles but are torsionally stretched by the Cooper’s ligament they are deformed very easily. These tissues can not be restored to the original shape, which is why sagging, stretched breasts they will remain so.  During exercise, the breasts are subjected to constant vibrations and shocks. That is why every woman who practices sport regularly and irregularly, has in her wardrobe a shock absorber bra, adapted to the size of the bust and intensity of training. The sports bra is slightly different from the models to be worn on a daily basis. It is high built and made of a thick, stiff material that limits bust movements by up to 70 percent.

Sports bra – types

Each sports bra has different functions and is designed for a different kind of training, more or less intensive. Another type will be designed for women who practice quiet stretching exercises, such as yoga, and others will be suitable for more intensive training, in which the bust is exposed to steady swaying and jumping, e.g. running.

Sports bras are usually divided into three types.

The first of them is a sports bra with low support. This model is suitable for light, static training and is intended mainly for women with small breasts (cups A and B).

The second type is a sports sports bra with medium support. This, in turn, presses each breast separately and is suitable for women with bigger breasts. A bra with medium support will be an appropriate choice for exercises with greater intensity, such as fitness or dance.

The best stabilization, however, provides a run bra with high support, which is suitable for ladies with large breasts and ladies wanting do very intense exercises, e.g. running. This type also holds the breast separately and additionally contains an adjustable one tape under the bust.

How to choose a sports bra?

We choose the sports bra in terms of size and, of course, the intensity of the exercises. As in the case of ordinary bras counts the circumference under the bust and the size of the cup. Badly chosen bra very bad for health, because it does not provide full comfort. A woman with a badly chosen bra will more often slouch and bend to minimize the pain associated with stretching the tissue. Bad posture, in turn, adversely affects the spine. It is worth to test the selected specimen before use, i.e. to jump or bend several times. Properly selected sports bra should not be too tight, and its circumference can not “drive up” to the shoulders when lifting hands or inclinations. The cup should wrap the entire breast, and the underwire (if there are) can not oppress anywhere. Shoulder straps should give stretch to a height of approx. 2 cm, because then they will not be forced into the arms and provide comfort of exercise.

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